Science and Engineering Week, May 2013

During Science and Engineering Week the whole school became ‘Scientists for the week.  Highlights included: Dr Paterson demonstrated an Ultra Sound Scanner with Primary 5, a fascinating talk on Rice and Bangladesh from a University Professor leading a pioneering government led initiative, our BP Science Ambassador, Brian Smith, delivering a Gloves workshop to our Primary One classes and Outdoor Science with Mandy Tulloch from mudpies.  Apart from our specialist input, all the school staff created rich learning opportunities with their classes with Science experiments, workshops, discussions and investigations.

A Home Challenge was launched on the theme of Forces with the pupils tasked with designing an object that could move.  As well as a fleet of paper aeroplanes, model cars, boats, windmills and parachutes we also had hugely inventive toys and games that were all tested and the results recorded.

The week culminated with an Open Science Morning on the Friday which was very well attended by our Parent Body. And the following week, the pupils showcased their learning at our local ASDA store. This provided another opportunity for the pupils to articulate their learning and to share it with a genuine audience.