Family Field Runs

Well done to everyone who joined our First Family Field Run.  During Move-mber, Mis Black is leading two family field runs every week – on a Monday and Thursday from 3.20 – 3.40 pm.  Come along to the field and either walk or run around the circuit and keep a tally of how many circuits you manage to do. On our first run, we had a great turn out of staff, parents and pupils.   Well done to Sam who managed to run 38 laps in the 20 minute.  That’s a fantastic achievement and we wonder who can beat him?

During the day, lots of movement took place with Dance Lessons, Kids in Condition training, PE lessons, Cyber-Coach sessions as well as our usual very active break times outside.

Everyone managed to record how many minutes of exercise they did over the weekend.  Amy managed an incredible 360 minutes on Saturday.

We’re moving well – keep it up everyone!