In the Future … by Murray, Primary 6

I have wanted to go to the future for years and my dream might happen because for two years, I have been making a time travelling machine.  When it is finished, I will send it to the year 3001 to see if there are Grannies and Grandads flying around in the sky. I hope there are.


It took me three years to make this and it WILL work, so I set it to 3001. Five seconds later, there I was in 3001!!!!

I walked down the street and every house was gigantic. I would say that they are at least 10 times the size of my house.  Even the homeless people had better clothes than I had on and back in 2013 the clothes were amazing.

Suddenly a squeaky voice came from under my shoe and you’ll never guess what it was – a little fly. “Oi. Get off of me, you are going to squish me!” I quickly moved my foot off the insect and he buzzed off. Afterwards I went to get something to eat and on the way, a man walking his dog passed me. The man didn’t say anything, but the dog said, “Good afternoon, Sir”.  He said it in a very posh voice. I went to get a burger from MacDonalds and afterwards I went to a shop to buy sunglasses and to my surprise they were ELECTRONIC! So I tried a button on the unbelievable glasses and then it turned off all the lights in this gigantic shop. I had to quickly turn on all the lights with that wicked button. I had had to buy these AMAZING glasses but the price was £15. I bought them anyway …

It was already 1:30 pm. I was going to leave at midnight. As time went I had walked over 1000 steps. However I wasn’t tired at all.

Suddenly a loud, grumbling noise came from above. it was an enormous aeroplane, the size of the Empire-State building. I bet it could hold over 4 thousand people in that massive aeroplane. I would love to go in one of those, I really really do.

Later, I was buying a packet of crisps when this happened.  AGranny and Grandad got a jet pack each and flew into the sky.They were flying around the sky for about ten minutes before they eventually came back down. I eagerly asked for a go about 50 times before the old lady managed to hear me and she said yes. Soon, I got the jet pack on and I pressed the button on the side of the metal jet pack and woosh, I was flying around in the air in the jet pack.  It was really hard to control. I was going to mental and finally got the hang of it. I got the hang of it just in time because I nearly crashed into a gigantic building. I just managed to turn right.  The old lady was literally screaming her old, little head off at me.  “Get down, that is my jet pack,” shouted the old lady. Ten minutes later I came down and quickly gave the jet pack to the lady and ran and finished my crisps.

Later on, I checked my watch and it was 11 o’clock. I only had one hour left to ride a flying car. I looked round the streets and saw a flying car and I had to steal it. I felt really bad but I was desperate. Due to the time left I had to whizz around the air for a very short time, but it was definitely worth it. After that I went back to the time machine and went home. It was the same time as I left.


The End