Active RME – 6th Move-mber

One of our parents, Sue Thomson, led a fantastic Active RME treasure trail with Primary One. This will continue every Thursday during November with different classes. Move-mber really is reaching all areas of the curriculum at Middleton Park School.

Primary 7 had a Health Workshop run by Health Professionals from the University of Aberdeen.We also had more Drop Everything and Dance, more Dancing in the Gym Hall, more Fitness Training in the playground (63 to be precise), more Family Field Runs (over 50 including 19 adults) and a few new events.

It has been inspiring to talk to our pupils about the impact of Moveember.  One pupil shared that she is now doing Star Jumps with her Mum every morning before breakfast. Another pupil shared that they have managed to increase their score of bench lunges by 5 in the short period of a week. Mrs Watson really enjoyed the Family Field Run with an amazing turn out of pupils, parents and staff. A lot of our student teachers joined us as well! And we are only at Day 7!

Our staff are now entering a 5km run on Saturday – well done and good luck. And our parents are organising an active Treasure Hunt on Friday after school.

Keep Moving Middleton Park School!  We Rock!

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