Healthy Bodies Move-mber 12th

Another very energetic today. Dr Paterson worked with our pupils to explore the importance of keeping our hearts healthy. The pupils tested their heart rates before and after doing exercise and discussed why there was a difference. The pupils looked at pictures of a heart and used a stethoscope to listen to their own hearts.  Thank you Dr Paterson for a fascinating workshop.

During Tuesday, pupils also took part in Drop Everything and Dance sessions, Kids in Condition, Dancing in PE.  Mrs Wilson worked with our Primary 3 class to create a Fireworks Dance and Primary 6 did some circuit training (watch our Live Learning on Friday to find our more).

Active Baking took place with an amazing 226 Pudsie Cookies being made for our Children in Need appeal. We certainly need some fuel to keep us going in this school!  And finally our Circuit Training after school was enjoyed by our staff.

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