Dance Specialist

Our school is very fortunate to have a Dance Specialist who comes into school every week to work with all our classes over the year.  This provides rich opportunities for our pupils to experience different dance styles, as well as growing in confidence and acquiring new skills. During Move-mber, Mrs Wilson has been running extra workshops to allow more pupils to be involved.

Over the years, Mrs Wilson has worked with our pupils every year to help produce and direct our Christmas Shows and Primary 7 Finale Performances. Over the years, different classes have performed the following shows under Mrs Wilson’s direction – Oliver, Starlight Express, Fiends Reuinted, Unforgettable Show, Evacuees, Scottish Ballet and many more.

Later this year, we are looking forward to a production of Les Miserables by Primary 7. This is a rich partnership that draws upon specialist expertise to allow our pupils to experience challenge and enjoyment and gain new skills. Our dance sessions are additional to the two hours quality PE that our pupils already enjoy.Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 21.41.09

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