All Alone, by Ross P5

As I was all alone, I felt like there was someone breathing down my neck. I dreaded to look round because my stomach was churning, my teeth were chattering and I was shivering. I turned round in despair and saw  my side-kick log boy.

‘Log boy, never do that to me again. I was really scared.’

‘Look, log boy. Mr Grass Tree – remember we jailed him before. It looks like TNT. I think he is trying to blow up the subway station.’

Mr Grass Tree lit a match and the TNT.    BOOM!  CRASH?

‘You will never catch me now.’

‘Log boy, ‘ I said. ‘Do you have a torch?’

‘Yes, Sorr.’

‘Let’s try to find our way out of here,’ whispered Sorr.

The two heroes tried to find my Grass Tree’s hide out but they did not know that Mr Grass Tree had planted a tracking device on them. Sorr and Log boy headed back to their hide out. Sorr and   had planned this all along and had set a trap.

Mr Grass Tree hopped into his tree mobile and set off to Sor’s hide out.

‘The trap will capture Mr Grass Tree.’

Finally, Mr Grass Tree arrived at the door way and walked in.

‘Got you, Mr Grass Tree,’ said Sorr. ’20 years in jail for you, Mr Grass Tree.’

The End

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