Active Movember

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 18.19.44Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 18.20.02Thursday 14th November was another day full of movement! Some activities are happening every day and one of these is our Kids in Condition Sessions. Our Primary 7 leaders are trained by Mrs Watt, one of our PSAs. They have an eight week training programme, working with Mrs Watt during and after school and then have a series of trial sessions with different classes. The pupils then work in teams and each day organise and deliver a KIC sessions at lunchtime for different classes. This includes the organisation of the equipment, choosing the games to play as well as leading the classes with the younger pupils.

Our Kids in Condition programme has many benefits. For the older pupils, it allows them to take responsibility and to grow as confident leaders. For the younger classes, they benefit hugely by learning lots of new playground games and taking part in active playtimes, encouraging our pupils to be healthy! Inclusion is very important at our school and our KIC sessions have been transformational for some of our pupils in giving them the confidence to stay at lunchtime and enjoy time with their friends. This takes place every school day throughout the year, demonstrating our commitment to being an active school at all times.

We were delighted to welcome back Mrs Thomson who delivered a fantastic active RME session with Primary 3 and was also able to share one of our Drop Everything And Dance sessions in the middle stages area.

And we’re saving plenty of energy for our Children in Need Extravaganza on Friday!

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