Drop Everything and Dance

During Move-mber, we have been having regular bursts of exercise to music throughout the day. Miss Black, taught all the pupils four simple dances and put together a sound track. As soon as the music starts – all the pupils stop working, dance and then continue with their work.  Research has shown that such bursts of physical exercise have very positive effects on concentration levels. We are certainly finding this is the case. And, of course, it is also great fun!Screen Shot 2013-11-13 at 17.59.48

Today everyone was very busy counting their minutes of movement from the weekend.  The top score I saw was 400 minutes! We will have some huge sums to tackle to find our total minutes for the whole school for Move-mber. Again we had Kids in Condition, Drop Everything And Dance, Gymnastics during PE and lots of movement. Primary 2 shared some of their new skills which included balancing on one leg, full bridges and even a bridge with one leg. Well done!

We had another great Family Field Run after school. It was a chilly afternoon but we still had a fantastic turn out and plenty of warm energy to keep us going.  Thanks to all who came and to Miss Black for organising.Field Run

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