Flash Mob

Today was very exciting. The whole school went in disguise to ASDA to pretend to do a survey for Jan, the Events Manager. We were all busy counting in the aisles until the music started. We all froze and then danced! After the music stopped, we carried on with our survey, and then quietly went back to school. What a crowd we managed to gather.

Our Flash Mob idea belongs to Miss Black. Miss Black has been leading a lot of our Move-mber moves and introduced Drop Everything and Dance.  Miss Black put together a medley of four different popular dance songs and began by teaching Primary 3. They picked up the dances really quickly and worked with Miss Black to teach the rest of the school.

During Move-mber, at different points during the day, the music is played and everyone stops what they are doing and dances. As soon as the music finishes, everyone gets back to work again. There has been a lot of research to show that children’s learning is greatly improved by regular short busts of energetic activity. We are finding our Drop Everything and Dance is helping our pupils with the concentration and focus and intend to keep it going after Move-mber.

Our short film has been very popular. After four days, over 1,000 total plays have been recorded from over 30 different countries.

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