House Chants

Middleton Park Pupils are divided into four Houses. This system is used to reward positive attitudes and sustained effort. Each pupils is assigned to one of four houses and can earn tokens for their house.  Primary 7 pupils are appointed House and Deputy House Captains and lead their . HousesThe tokens are counted every week by the Captains and the results announced at our Friday Get togethers.

This week, our House Captains created motivational chants and worked with all their House members to record these. These will become part of their House Films which will be added to our website before the end of term. We hope these promotional House Chants will encourage everyone to keep moving throughout the whole year.

Other highlights today included more Drop Everything and Dance, more Fit Training by our Primary 7 leaders at lunchtime (47 trained today), more Dancing in the gym hall and Diwali Dancing!

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