World War One Diary, by Skye

30th October, 1914

Dear Diary,

Today I thought I was going to die. This is what happened. I heard somebody bellowing “GAS ATTACK!”  The Captain said, “This is what we’ve been training for, get your gas masks ON!  Don’t delay.”

We saw green, foggy smoke. It travelled towards me, like it was coming to attack me. I ran and I was trying to tighten my gas mask. I tripped over another soldier. Smoke was catching up. I ducked and wished I was home with my family or anywhere except here.

Suddenly, the captain pulled me up to my feet and tightened my gas mask. I saw some of my buddies falling to their knees and then to the ground. Will I be next? What if the Hun win?

When the smoke cleared, I saw some of the walking wounded go to the field hospital for medical help. Shaking, wobbling, staggering. Their eyes blurry, they were coughing and spluttering. I felt sorry for them. They did not deserve to be ill.

Fingers crossed that I get to write to you again.


One thought on “World War One Diary, by Skye

  • September 30, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Well done Skye, great work 🙂


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