RME – Ten Commandments as a context in P7

This was a collaborative learning experience for our Primary 7, led by Sue Thomson, Children’s Minister, St IMG_0002Columba’s Church and our Primary 7 teacher, Kara McCurrach. Our World War One context was for the whole school. It was a context that engaged the parents and wider community. It was a context where specialists were able to share their expertise to develop the children’s learning further.

Primary 7 explored the Ten Commandments. If everyone had followed the Ten Commandments would World War One have happened? What commandments would you make to prevent another war? Why did God not stop the war? Is all killing wrong? There were big questions and big answers!

The pupils shared their learning and reflections at a school open day where parents were invited to take part in several reflective stations. The engagement of the pupils was marked, partly because of the whole school involvement and their very active role as participants.

Teacher Resources – please click on the links to download the resources.

Ten Commandments – Teacher Outline

Israelites and Exodus

Story of the Ten Commandments

Commandment cardsAdditional-Bible-verses

Signs for reflective spaces

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