Macbeth – a collaborative project with China

Our Primary 7 have been working on a joint production of Macbeth with with Middle School Number 2 in Wuhan. We have filmed our interpretation of a short scene from Act 1, Act 3 and Act 5  and sent them to our partner school in China.  Middle School Number 2 have filmed their interpretation of a scene from Act 2 and in September will film a scene from Act 4. It has been a fascinating collaboration that has challenged our P7 pupils. Their resulting depth of knowledge and understanding of Macbeth has been remarkable. Using technology in this way joins up the learning and is very powerful. It also provides the pupils and school with a valuable tool for reflection and self-evaluation.

Footage from the film has also been used to create teacher resources for other colleagues. The class worked with Val Struthers, Class Teacher and Barry Donaldson, Literacy Development Officer.  The rich learning they provided and the response from the pupils was inspiring.

Act 1, Scene 3 by Middleton Park School

Act 2, Scene 3 by Middle School No 2, Wuhan, China

Act 3, Scene by Middleton Park School

Act 5, Scene 2 by Middleton Park School


Teacher Resource Film – Part One

Teacher Resource Film – Part Two



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