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Sharing our learning experiences with others

Expedition to Bennachie

Share P4’s excitement and determination as they prepare to climb Bennachie as part of our Habitats context.  

Battle of Britain

Powerful writing from P6 about the Battle of Britain

Danny, Champion of the World

This was a collaborative project across schools in the Northern Alliance.  The schools chose different chapters from Danny, Champion of the World and filmed their own interpretation of a chapter….

Talking about autism

Primary Four created this film to share their understanding of autism.


Reflective film from P4 sharing their learning from our whole school context – Making a Splash!

Danny Champion of the World

Primary 5 created a film to share their learning about Roald Dahl’s famous book.

Fine Motor Skills

Our nursery team created this short film to share different ways of developing those really important fine motor skills.

Visit Aberdeen

Last term our whole school context was Aberdeen, My Place in the World.  P6 made this promotional film to encourage more people to visit our fabulous city!