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Harry by Katia

Once upon a time it was Harry’s first day at school. Harry took his dinosaurs and put his dinosaurs on the bench and went to school. He saw a boy…

Harry by Alex

It was Harry’s first day at school he brought his dinosaurs in a bucket and rode their bikes to school. He didn’t like the monkey bars. He liked his dinosaurs.

Hamish The Bear by Lily Rose

A girl came to shop to get a teddy. Hamish said I don’t want an owner because he was at home then he realised that girl was special to him….

Funny Bones by Eileen

Once upon a time in a dark dark town there was two skeletons, the big skeleton scratched its skull what can we do let’s scare all the people. The big…

My Quest by Cole

I told the king that I am going on a quest. The king said that’s a good idea so he left but the king said but you will need some…

Chinese New Year by Ross

Firecrackers explode and bang, Cymbals and temple bells have rang. Dragons parade through the street, Chinese New Year, a yearly treat. Fireworks explode in the skies, A special treat for…

Bing, Bang, Bong by Rebecca

Before I went to bed, Mum let me see the red fireworks up so high, Light through the sky. Going so fast, It was a fiery blast, Of beautiful colours….

Amazing Fireworks by Aisha

Once I heard a fizzle. Then I heard a dizzle. After I heard a doom, Then I ran to the living room. It was wonderful. It was beautiful. I asked…

Primary Engineers

The school has joined Primary Engineers and Mrs Watson was lucky enough to spend the day with engineers building models!  More coming soon!