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Bing, Bang, Bong by Rebecca

Before I went to bed, Mum let me see the red fireworks up so high, Light through the sky. Going so fast, It was a fiery blast, Of beautiful colours….

Amazing Fireworks by Aisha

Once I heard a fizzle. Then I heard a dizzle. After I heard a doom, Then I ran to the living room. It was wonderful. It was beautiful. I asked…

Primary Engineers

The school has joined Primary Engineers and Mrs Watson was lucky enough to spend the day with engineers building models!  More coming soon!

Victorian Experience at the Tivoli Theatre

Primary 7 researched Victorian theatres as part of the recent context for learning. They dressed in character and performed their Victorian Show at the Tivoli Theatre. Watch out for their…

Playground Transformation

Our pupils came back from the holidays to a huge surprise! Huge thanks to Sophie and Emily’s Mum and Grandad. Fantastic!

Inspired by a Panda

Inspired by a Panda or Two  by Pr 5 Middleton Park School, Aberdeen When we heard we were getting a ‘Beyond the Panda’ workshop we were very excited. Sandie Robb,…