About our Nursery

We have 40 places, 20 in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. Our Lead Practitioner is Helen McKInnon and  our Early Years Practitioner is Paula Garden.

We follow the Curriculum for Excellence which is the curriculum your child will access in Scotland between the ages of 3 and 18.

At this age, children learn through play and enjoy carefully planned experiences to help them engage with the curriculum at an early level.  Our pupils have ownership of their learning and are involved in planning what they would like to learn. They choose which activities they wish to be involved in on a daily basis. At each activity or “learning context” there will be a number of choices to ensure that each child is challenged and stimulated. Children are encouraged to be as independent as possible.

At Middleton Park, children have daily opportunities to access the outdoors. We operate a ‘free flow’ system to allow the children personalisation and choice between activities inside and out.

Staff continually observe the children to plan next steps in their learning. Parents are invited to make their contributions and suggestions to the plans which are on view in the nursery. Parents are welcome to sign up for “stay and play” at nursery throughout the school year.

Children in nursery all have a “Learning Journey” which is their personal folder of achievements and assessments. The children, staff and parents are involved in deciding which photos, drawings, paintings etc will be included in the folder which can be signed in and out of the nursery at any time so that you can see how your child is progressing and enjoy looking at the Learning Journey with your child.

The nursery is very much a part of the school and the children regularly move through the school and work with staff and pupils from all stages.